Love Yourself

Before we can give love to others, we must first love ourselves. Always put yourself first You deserve it! to keep a healthy mind, body and spirit. Your love will transmit to family, friends and others. A daily effort of loving yourself will bring joy and happiness in the world.


Every second in the world someone is stricken by misfortune. Go the extra mile to be kind. Always be kind! A sincere good morning or good evening is a great way to show compassion. Remember! We all fall short occasionally. Let’s make the best of life.

Love for Others

Try to keep a positive attitude Smiling is Contagious to spread love to others.

Transmit Kindness

It is easy to forget kind words to say to yourself and others. If we practice daily positive thinking Just give it a try , kind words will eventually become second nature. Throw away the gossip!! Show more kindness.

What is Weighting on a Miracle?


It is a phrase coined to encourage others to engage in healthy living to achieve positive life changes. Information on this site will help you to make positive changes in your life and transmit your great changes to others in or outside your circle. If you want to change the way you think about healthy living after experiencing unexpected life changes, you have come to the right place for motivation.


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Sometimes we like to throw in the towel and say “I give up”.   No more are we self-defeating ourselves or downing others. On this site the focus is to love ourselves and transmit kindness, compassion, and true love to others.   That’s right! If you are 40 plus, something has happened in your life that only a miracle was able to resolve or will resolve. It could have been a number of things such as weight gain, death, diviorce, job loss, medical illness etc. How many times have I heard people say “ When I turned forty my body started breaking down, my parents got dementia, my children moved away, I was surrounded by death, my spouse found another love, and my weight is out of control ”. No matter what the circumstance maybe, weightingonamiracle is here to help you know as long as you have breath in your body life can get better.


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Power and beauty come from within!

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