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I am a 47 year old woman who has experienced the struggles of life and allowed life experiences to teach me how to spread healthy living to others. I have learned that life has no promises including no guarantee of my next breath. Therefore, I give all credit to God and I thank him dearly for the path he has set for me. Second, I have a beautiful daughter, loving family and a host of loving friends. Third, I have been in the deep valley due to unexpected life changes such as tragic losses in my life, divorce, sickness, weight problems, etc. Basically, I am not much different from any other woman who has lived to see her forties and encountered life struggles. Last, I have learned that following God who is my higher being, patience and practicing healthy living have helped me handle my life changes and the unexpected changes ahead.

What is Important to Me!

  • I believe in a higher being so the first step for me is to give praise to God. He has given me strength to share my wisdom and knowledge on “the great life after 40 years on Earth”. If you worship a higher being, I encourage you dig deep into your faith before you start your journey with weightingonamiracle.
  • Eating healthy food has helped me increase my energy level and sculpt my body to my liking.
  • Sharing recipes with family and friends have been fun and rewarding.
  • Physical fitness has been a great strategy used to slim my body and have fun with others.
  • Complimenting others and receiving compliments is rewarding and it can keep women over 40 feeling fabulous and looking stunning.
  • Smiling, positive energy, and no gossip makes the body feel rejuvenated.

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