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How to Effortlessly Lose a Pound Weekly

If you have a dog and want to lose a pound weekly this post is for you.  Take the time to walk or jog with your dog twice daily. For better results, you should walk your dog at a steady pace before 7 a.m. and after after 5 p.m. Before you start walking in […]

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Working Out! Dig Dig Dig!

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Jonas is really working out on the East Coast by bringing crippling snow.  You got it!  Don’t allow the snow to stop you from exercising!  Workout with storm Jonas by shoveling snow.  Burn at least 200 to 300 calories in 30 minutes shoveling show. Keep in mind your weight is a factor in […]

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You Can Say No To Snow- Bound Eating!

Snowy days can trigger strange eating habits. It is easy to sit on the sofa or one of our favorite chairs and snack until the weather allows us to resume our normal activities.  It is easy to add the pounds we lost in the last 21 days by engaging in Snow-Bound Eating.   Living […]

Happy Holidays to You!

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If you have or have not been greeted with Happy Holidays, you have visited the right site. Your holidays will be filled with love, peace and joy.  This is the season to be merry and to open your heart to let true love flow.  Share your happy thoughts, and feelings with family, friends […]

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Deep Orange and Sweet in the Middle

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Hopefully,  everybody enjoyed adding heart healthy spinach to your diet this week. Continue to experiment with it and improve your healthy eating habits. Let’s continue to add vegetables to our meal planning.  Check out the question.  What is hard, rusty brown on the outside and rich orange in the inside?

Yes, a sweet potato. […]

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Spinach & Benefits

Spinach has been around for many years and the benefits have been outstanding. Besides Popeye‘s bulging muscles and strength, there are many reasons to add spinach to your diet. Spinach is a good healthy vegetable for men and women. Ladies check out the list below. The older we get our chances are higher to […]

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Garden Salad and Benefits!

A garden salad with croutons is crunchy, tasty and healthy. The salad below is chopped fine and full of delicious vegetables to give you energy, help you feel good and to help you concentrate. It has lettuce, carrots, onions, cucumbers and croutons with light vinaigrette dressing. Yeah! No tomato. The dressing is optional. A […]

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Starting a New School Year!!!

Trust in your higher being to strengthen your faith.
Get a good night sleep,
Rest your body and rest your mind.
Eat breakfast to improve concentration in the classroom.
Try to participate in physical activity at least 30 minutes daily.
STUDENTS, prepare your lunch, school supplies, and clothes the night before.
To all my dedicated and hard working educators, thank […]

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Enjoying Life after an Awesome Church Service

If you believe in a higher being, you will definitely enjoy this post about thanking God for every blessing. The picture below represents the appreciation of an awesome God and all blessings. It is fun to take pictures and post them on social media. Thanking God for every blessing to allow us to take […]

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Laughter and Belly Toning

A couple of days ago, a dear friend shared a hilarious story that was so funny the muscles in my stomach were engaged like I was doing an abdominal workout. The story quickly transitioned to one of the funniest jokes of the year and my abdomen continued to get a workout. When my dear […]

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