Enjoy the music Sleep Away

Let’s make Mother’s Day fit, fun and festive!  You can also make it cost efficient.  A stroll in the park with mom is a great way to increase your heart rate and share fun loving memories.  Yard work with mom is a good way to build strength and beautify her home.  If mom has a faithful companion such as a dog or cat, you can take the pet out for exercise and give mom time to pamper herself in her home. Or take the time and walk the pet together.  Include the kids and grandchildren and have a fun, loving field day outdoors.

Instead of long lines at a buffet, have family and friends bring a healthy dish to celebrate mom. Maybe, you can grill mom’s favorite meal while she relaxes on the patio. Pull out the blender and make mom a delicious smoothie for an appetizer or dessert.

Play some of mom’s favorite tunes or if the children play instruments, strike up a band. Make it live for mom on Mother’s Day.

If your mom is resting in peace, spread the love to your wife, grandma, auntie, sister, or a favorite cousin. You have enough love to spread.   You are lovely inside and out. Your family will enjoy fitness, fun and festivities too.  Happy Mother’s Day!