If you have a dog and want to lose a pound weekly this post is for you.  Take the time to walk or jog with your dog twice daily. For better results, you should walk your dog at a steady pace before 7 a.m. and after after 5 p.m. Before you start walking in the morning, eat a cup of oatmeal and drink a bottle of water. After your morning walk, drink another bottle of water. Eat a small garden salad with a boiled egg for lunch and drink another bottle of water.  For dinner, you can chose a delicious meal but do not over do it.  Add a cup of yogurt for desert.  This is important.  Eat fruits and vegetables for you snack throughout the day.  Check out the fruits and vegetables recommended:





Grapes ( a few)


Sweet Potatoes

You don’t not have to do very much to lose a pound weekly. Eat delicious meals in moderation and enjoy strolling with your dog.  Oh! remember to hold in your tummy to add a little core workout. Its fun and healthy for you and your adorable dog.  Stay sweet and you will get sweeter by eating plenty of fruit. Chat with you soon!





Make sure you check with you medical professional before attempting to exercise or lose weight.